Reisetipp nach Madrid: PHotoEspaña

photo espana madrid

What is PHotoEspaña?

PHotoEspaña, International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts, set out to become a Festival generated by popular demand in 1998, and today it has earned its place as one of the most relevant visual arts events in the world. PHotoEspaña is one of the central international forums for photography.

Each year the Festival attracts more than six hundred thousand people and receives acclaim from prestigious critics, making it the most popular cultural event in Spain. The Festival is an exceptional occasion for discovering images, videos and installations created by outstanding national and international photographers and visual artists. (...) The heart of the Festival in Madrid is located along the Paseo de Castellana, that runs through the city centre. For the past two years the city of Cuenca has become a neighbouring location of the Festival.

Noch bis 26. Juli 2009, in Madrid