ROMA im Frühling.. Eine Reiseempfehlung

Frühling in Rom... seufz! Falls Sie also eine "Ausrede" brauchen, um sich ein paar Tage bei Cappuccino, Averna und Spaghetti zu vergnügen, hier ist die optimale Reiseempfehlung von fotostrada! Auf der ROMA - "Road To Contemporary Art" in Rom zwischen 2. und 5. April gibt´s viel zu sehen.. Gute Reise!

5 Tage - 6 Ausstellungsorte - 50 Aussteller - 35.000 Besucher - 840 akkreditierte Journalisten - 922 Sammler - 70 Galerien - und wo sind Sie?

A contemporary art fair in Rome. We do believe Rome holds nowadays some of the essential conditions for initiatives aimed at the art market to be successful, transfer a positive communication to the city and strengthen the image of the city itself in its role of capital of arts in general. Rome has the charisma of the eternal city , but it is not yet known worldwide as a capital of contemporary art since the two museums dedicated to the sector started their activities only quite recently and a tissue of private and institutional collectorship has not yet been developed to such an extend to attract the interest of national and international operators.

ROMA : 2. bis 5. April 2009