Gratis, geschenkt, Fotolia!

Fotografie, quo vadis? Quelle:

fotolia for free
© Das ist eines der 350.000 GRATIS Bilder von PhotoXpress

How cheap can stock photography go? How about free. Fotolia, one of the most popular micropayment stock imagery sites, is launching a new brand called PhotoXpress, which offers a library of almost 350,000 images at no charge. Fotolia hopes to use free images to reel in first-time customers and familiarize them with the process of legally licensing photos. Users who download the free images will have to register their names and e-mail address. Potential customers include bloggers and designers.“There’s a lot of people out there where even $1 is too much for images,” says Patrick Lor, Fotolia’s newly hired president for North America, who oversees PhotoXpress.

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