Wunderschöne Bilder, Zeit (er)streckt sich über die Fotos. Der Fotograf Adam Magyar hat selbst eine (digitale Slit)-Kamera gebaut, mit der er diese Bilder macht. SO ist Technik sinnvoll...

adam magyar urban flow
Small detail from the Urban Flow series of scanner-time-lapsed photos © by Adam Magyar
Detail of #1075 (2008), London, recorded time: 46 seconds, full image size: 26 x 240 cm

Quelle: www.lensculture.com

Hungarian-born artist Adam Magyar (now living in Berlin) creates magical, long, thin, stretchy images that look like parades of people all moving in the same direction. The technique behind the images is almost as interesting as the wonderful images themselves. Magyar, a former computer programmer, designed and built his own slit-scan camera that connects to his laptop and stitches together several hundred individual one-pixel-wide vertical scans of busy urban streets to create the illusion of a panoramic snapshot with slight fun-house-mirror distortions.

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