Guardian reduziert Fotografen-Honorare!

Quelle: british journal of photography
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Guardian haut die Preise zsamm.... Guardian News & Media has announced it is cutting photographers' fees as the organisation looks to save £10m in editorial costs before the end of the year. The Guardian says that it will slash 50 editorial positions, as well as 'cut back on casual staff, contributors, general expenses, and paying for pictures and illustrations'. A spokesperson for The Guardian tells BJP that 'in the mist of this recession, we are looking at the most effective way we can use photographers. We know that we have the reputation of being the best newspaper in terms of photography and the way we deal with photographers and we intend on maintaining that reputation.' This latest announcement comes less than a month after BJP revealed that The Guardian newspaper was introducing a new photographer contract that demands extended use rights, but fails to provide any compensation. 'Anyone who undertakes a commission from them will be granting them not just first use rights, but also second and subsequent publishing rights (without) further remuneration,' says a contributing photographer, who asked to remain anonymous. When contacted by BJP, a spokeswoman for the newspaper said that 'the matter is still in discussion and we can't comment further'. However, freelance photographers working for the paper are adamant that it's a done deal.