Herbst - fotografisch und meteorologisch

Es begann mit diesem schönen, herbstlichen Bild von der Fotografin Susan Worsham. Das gefiel mir, das paßte zum ersten September (gefunden auf flakphoto.com). Beim Ansehen ihres Portfolios macht sich immer mehr Verstörung breit, Verwirrung und Befremden. Aber hinsehen muß ich doch! Sehen Sie selbst....

susan worsham
© Susan Worsham, Margaret's Rhubarb, Richmond, Virginia, 2010 — from the series Some Fox Trails in Virginia

SOME FOX TRAILS IN VIRGINIA. This series of photographs is taken in and around Virginia, the place in which I grew up. The title comes from a book written by my father's ancestor, to show the lineage of the Fox family in Virginia. For my own purpose, it acts as a metaphorical map, of the rediscovered paths of my childhood home. At the age of 34, I came back to Virginia to care for my mother, who died shortly after my return. As the last of my family passed, I turned my lens to old friends, and their new families. I photographed the house in which I grew up.

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