George Clooney ist "The American" - und Du der Fotograf!

Nur noch ganz kurze Zeit - Fotowettbewerb zum (aktuellen) Film von George Clooney! Der Regisseur Anton Corbijn ist in der die Jury - Deviant Art hat den Wettbewerb organisiert... Mitmachen, Freunde!

george clooney the american

the american george clooney

George Clooney stars in THE AMERICAN – a new suspense thriller coming everywhere to theatres September 1st. Going undercover as a photographer, Jack (Clooney) is a deadly assassin. As he roams the streets of Italy, Jack uses the disguise of the camera lens to conceal his true identity and survey his surroundings.Now's YOUR chance to go "undercover!" THE AMERICAN and deviantART invite you to roam your local streets and capture the hidden corners and secret nooks of your neighborhood. We’re looking for photos that capture a “slice of life” in a natural setting – spontaneous snapshots that reveal a deeper story within the image.

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