The IMPOSSIBLE made possible!

I love it, I love it, I love it!
Go, Doc, go! Good luck to you & your fabolous team... The IMPOSSIBLE made possible, der erste Impossible Instant Film ist am Markt - PX100 & PX600 Silver Shade.
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impossible project doc kaps
André & Florian "Doc" Kaps in New York bei der Präsentation ihres neuen Impossible Films
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The 1st Impossible Instant Film PX100 & PX600 Silver Shade Our love, energy, passion and work dedicated to The Impossible Project finally lead to a happy end, which in fact is a promising beginning: on March 22 we presented our first, brand new Instant Film for traditional Polaroid cameras at a press event in New York City. In our packed Project's Space on Broadway, journalists and invited attendees were beside themselves with joy when they learned that analog Instant Photography is now surely saved from extinction.