I love Deke.... (ähm, his podcasts)

Sie mögen Fotografie? Möchten richtig sattelfest in Photoshop werden? Hören gerne podcasts? Lieben ungewöhnliche Lern- und Lehrmethoden? Dann sind Sie hier richtig. Information gepaart mit einem hohen Funfaktor...

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Today's tip comes from from Chapter 26, "Masking Essentials," of Deke's video course Photoshop CS5 One-on-One: Mastery from lynda.com. And because this course is all about mastery, Deke takes on tougher masking challenges in this chapter, delving into such deep techniques as exploiting the native components of an RGB image to create highly exacting alpha channels and masks.

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Und hier geht´s zu seiner martini hour, podcasts der feinsten Techniksorte... Gratis via iTunes downloadbar!