Endich keine häßlichen Menschen mehr!

Der in Wien lebende australische Fotograf mit griechischen Wurzeln Nick Mangafas hat mir diesen herrlichen Link zugeschickt und wir rätseln beide darüber, ob das ein verspäteter Aprilscherz oder ein verfrühter Faschingsjux ist. Gottseidank, nie wieder häßliche Menschen! Sehen Sie doch selbst.. Funny weekend!

morphing actors
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COLOGNE, Germany -- Scientists in Germany have developed software that can make actors appear thinner, fatter, taller or more buff on screen. The program MovieReshape, developed by researchers at Germany's Max Planck Institute, could mean an end to actors risking their health by gaining or losing dangerous amounts to suit a role. Think of Robert de Niro adding 60 pounds for "Raging Bull" or Christian Bale dropping nearly 70 lbs for "The Machinist." The software can alter an actor's muscle tone or body shape and can be used on existing video material. In one test of the program, scientists took a sequence of "Baywatch" and buffed up a lead actor, making him seem even more muscular than in real life.