GOLDFINGER! Lomo goes for gold

LOMO GOES FOR GOLD - man gönnt sich ja sonst nichts...

lomo gold limited edition

Lomo LC-A+ Gold | Limited Edition: 130 Pieces

The Lomo LC-A+ has always been worth its weight in gold, but now we can say that literally. This limited edition is 24 carat gold-leaf gilded and wrapped in the finest brown leather. Capture breathtaking Lomo LC-A+ photos with this beautifully crafted collectors´ item.


* Original Russian Minitar lens
* 24 carat gold-leaf
* Rare - only 130 pieces made
* Elegant wooden box presentation
* Every camera engraved with a unique number & a certification sheet guaranteeing its authenticity
* 2 rolls of Lomography 800 Film in golden tin
* "Lomographiere" hardcover book
* Classic Lomo LC-A+ functionality, including multi exposure and multiple accessory compatability

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