"Magic Day": Hier gibt´s was auf die Ohren!

Nicht immer nur Fotografie, Fotografie, Fotografie.... Manchmal muß es auch gute Musik sein, die man hier finden kann! Oliver Werbach, Grafiker, Musiker und Produzent, schenkt uns HIER 5 Lieder zum Downloaden. Tun Sie´s!

FIVE! CHRISTMAS-PRESENT-SONGS [but not necessarily a christmas song]

TMITB featuring Bella wagner: "The Men In The Back" performed several concerts with Bella, such as live support for Lenny Kravitz at the Stadthalle/Vienna, The Montreux Jazz Festival, The Bratislava Jazz Days etc. They also appeared on her first CD-recording "That's what I like!".

TMITB featuring Betty Semper: She started her music career in London, UK and sung around the world with international stars like Gloria Gaynor, Supermax, Lutricia McNeal and many more.

TMITB featuring Ola Egbowon, who was born in Lagos, Nigeria where he started his singing career as a boy in several gospel choirs.

HIROI - Live: Hiroi is the jazz group of Michiru Ripplinger, a guitar player based in Vienna with a half-japanese background. The japanese word hiroi means “wide“ and describes the mood of many of this group‘s tunes.

Maria Rerych was born into a music-loving family in The Tyrol, had her first own band in 1998 and made her first experiences in recording-studios – even some of her own music.

"A Magic Day" is based on the danish traditional "I Skovens Dybe Stille Ro (Tranquillity In The Woods)".
Inspired by the interpretation of the great Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, we have decided to produce a remake with new lyrics in english. These lyrics were written by Bruce R. F. Smith - a true lyricist and poet. Soon after recording the first version - featuring the exceptional vocalist Bella wagner - more singers joined in and we have decided to present all the versions as a "Christmas-Present-Song" to all of our friends (and theirs too).

Take your time and listen to all of them, download as many as you like and share this site and the spirit with your friends. The free download period will end at Jan. 31st 2011. Enjoy!

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