Das 3. Auge sieht zu...

Kunstprojekt: Der Künstler Prof. Wafaa Bilal implantiert ein 3. Auge im Hinterkopf. Gruselig. Aber lesen Sie selbst!

wafaa bilal 3rd i
Professor Wafaa Bilal shows Bilal holding the prototype of a digital camera that he had implanted in the back of his head, in New York. Bilal, a visual artist widely recognized for his interactive and performance pieces, has undergone surgery to implant a tiny camera in the back of his head for an artwork commissioned by a new museum in Doha, Qatar. Titled "The 3rd I," it is one of 23 contemporary works commissioned for the opening of Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art on Dec. 30, 2010. AP Photo/Wafaa Bila, Bard Farwell.

3rd 1 me wafaa bilal
HIER geht´s zur Website von Prof. Wafaa Bilal, 3rdi.me.

The camera will capture his everyday activities at one-minute intervals 24-hours a day and then be transmitted to monitors at the museum, said curators Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath of Art Reoriented, who commissioned Bilal on behalf of the museum.

"He doesn't have to alter his lifestyle or what he does. In principal, he's moving on with his life," Bardaouil told The Associated Press from Doha. "It will be a three-dimensional, real space-and-time experience. Once the piece is revealed, you'll realize that the camera is only one aspect of the work and there are aspects as important that will be experienced."

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