1 Million Downloads - Lisa Gagné hat´s geschafft

Sie hat´s geschafft - 1 Million Downloads von Bildern bei Istockphoot.com: Lise Gagné aus Kanada fotografiert seit 2003 für die Microstockagentur und ist mit dem 1 Millionsten Download somit die erfolgreichste Fotografin. Hut ab. Ihre Bilder sind aber auch wirklich toll, sehen Sie selbst...

lise gagne photograpy
Das ist ihre website!

Wooo hoooo, on the 2th (3th may with the stats update) I've reach the one million dls. I'm not the kind of person to yell it everywhere... but, in my blog, I must say I'm really proud of what i've accomplished. To be honest, it was not a goal to reach the million... but I'm very proud though. I did received lot of love, I'm really touched, I've received lot of emails... and I did take the time to answer to all of them finally. Lot of people asked what will be my next goal? I'll be honest..when I joined iStock, 7 years ago, my goal was to get 20$ a week... and it turned to be something else in only few months. As I said, I'm still amazed by all happened since then. However, my goal still the same, enjoying life, taking photos, and share with people... my family, homeless, making donation, people that needs care and some happiness... since the very first day, I share what I got because I've been lucky since then and I cannot keep it only for me... I would love to share more photo tips on my blog, but I've to say something, I don't really know what I'm doing sometimes, I do my images with intuition, I've any clue of technic... that is the truth...

Lise Gagné bei Istockphoto