Jumpin´Jack Flash.... He made them jump!

Wunderbar, herrlich, zum Lachen.... Derzeit ist im Smithsonian Magazine ein Bericht über den Fotografen Philippe Halsman (* 1906 in Riga, + 1979 in New York) zu sehen, der sie alle zum Hüpfen brachte.. Nixon, Oppenheimer, Henry Ford, Wegee, Herzogin und Herzog von Windsor, Grace Kelly... Aber sehen Sie doch selbst! (found @ thephotographypost.com)

Jump was born in 1952, Philippe Halsman said, after an arduous session photographing the Ford automobile family to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary. As he relaxed with a drink offered by Mrs. Edsel Ford, the photographer was shocked to hear himself asking one of the grandest of Grosse Pointe’s grande dames if she would jump for his camera. “With my high heels?” she asked. But she gave it a try, unshod—after which her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Henry Ford II, wanted to jump too.

wegee halsman
Weegee, 1961
openheimer philippe halsman
Professor J. Robert Oppenheimer, 1958