12 Ausreden für Gratis-Fotografie...

Den Fotografinnen & Fotografen ins Stammbuch geschrieben:
Hier gibt´s 12 Ausreden, Ausflüchte und Antworten auf die Frage „Können Sie mir das gratis fotografieren“! Und warum es nicht funktioniert! Die Agentur Black Star erklärt und antwortet...
(Gefunden auf der
fotostrada.com - Seite, ein Zusammenschluss einiger Fotografen von down under).

black star

John Harrington, seit 20 Jahren bei Black Star, sagt:

Here are a few excuses I’ve heard for working for free, along with my responses:

I’m trying to get into concert photography, so when bands have called to ask about pricing, I’ve told them, “It’s on me.” It’s a great way for me to break into that market.
It’s a great way to break into that market known as “free.” How many times do you think musicians have screwed themselves over and given away the farm to music labels? Too many to count. Don’t make the same mistake.

Every photography job I’ve ever gotten has been through word of mouth — often because I did something for free first.
Right, word of mouth. As in, “Hey, I know this photographer who will shoot for free…” Congratulations! You’ve just become known all over town as the guy who doesn’t expect to be paid for his work. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll even get a client who offers to buy you lunch.

I like my day job in IT, but at night I am passionate about photography. I don’t mind self-funding my work because it gives me more creative freedom.
Guess what, IT guy? When India’s night work takes over your day job, don’t call me crying about it. Also, don’t bother trying to make a living from your “passion,” because you’re already doing all you can to undermine your chances — as well as everyone else’s.

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