Victoria Coeln & Laurent Ziegler: Bilder aus der Unschärfe

fotostrada liebt Schatten, Spiegelungen, Unschärfe, Ahnungen, Ungenaues, den „Odem eines Bildes“. Daher diese Bilder von Victoria Coeln, Lichtkünstlerin, und Laurent Ziegler, Fotograf, vom Projekt Chromolab.

victoria coeln laurent ziegler
(c) victoria coeln and laurent ziegler

Zitat vom Blog:

choreolab is a collaborative work in progress together with the visual artist victoria coeln and the dancers caitlyn carradine and ziga jereb. victoria develops light spaces she refers to as 'chromotopes'. her work condenses and concre- tizes light and incorporates scientific knowledge as well as the power of emotion and personal encounter. the chromotopes are installed temporarily or permanently in public outdoor and indoor spaces. video clips of these encounters in light, as well as with light form the basis for her current visuals.