Herbert Piel @ Leica Galerie Solms

Herbert Piel / Please Don't Smile! The Black-and-White Years

herbert piel leica galerie solms

The current photo exhibition, "Please Don't Smile! The Black-and-White Years " of the German photographer and photojournalist Herbert Piel, consists of a total of some 150 exhibits from the years 1975 to 1990.

About 20 of these works are on display in the Leica Gallery in Solms. Most of them capture events that have moved Germany in the last 25 years, whether political issues such as the fall of the wall and disarmament or pictures of human tragedies. They are all documents of contemporary German history.
Herbert Piel was a press photographer for nearly 35 years. He realized right at the beginning of his career that he had to get close to the action if he wanted to take unusual pictures. And he always succeeded. With his fine sense of timing, his photos have a particularly intense quality and are often full of wit and charm despite the severity of the situation. Herbert Piel has always had something of a tongue-in-cheek approach to photography.