Andere Städte haben ja ein Fotomuseum, aber das ist heute nicht das Thema, man kann ja verreisen... Und das ist auch empfehlenswert, wenn man Den Haag mag, Julian Schnabel und Polaroids. Gute Reise! (Quelle: artdaily.org)
julian schnabel the hague photo museum
© Julian Schnabel. Untitled (Brooklyn Studio), polaroid , 61 x 51 cm 2006

Julian Schnabel (b. 1951) became famous in the 1980s as a vigorously gestural Neo-Expressionist painter.

The Hague Museum of Photography is now the first museum anywhere in the world to present eighty large-format Polaroid photographs that reveal a completely different side of the artist. (...) The most impressive pictures are the probing self-portraits and the images of family and friends, including Mickey Rourke, Christopher Walken and Lou Reed, who allowed themselves to be snapped at intimate moments when they were visiting Schnabel or away doing something together. Polaroid photography is regarded as the purest form of photography; each photograph is unique and the print appears the moment the picture is taken.

Noch zu sehen bis 27.03.2011 @ FOTOMUSEUM DEN HAAG