Die Welt ist verkehrt: Café oder Buch?

Die Welt ist verkehrt - wie diese Fotos beweisen! Wunderschönes Café. Oder ist es ein Buchgeschäft?
Genießt die Bilder, Leseratten!

Quelle: thecoolhunter.net
d´espresso new york
The new D’Espresso on Madison Avenue (at 42nd) in New York has received more media attention than is generally awarded to a tiny coffee shop in this world of millions of new coffee shops.

d´espresso madison avenue new york nema workshop

The reason for the attention is the fun design by the Manhattan-based nemaworkshop, a team of designers and architects that has created numerous cool retail and hospitality concepts.

Founder Anurag Nema took the idea of a coffee shop that looks like a library – giving a nod to the nearby New York Public Library’s Bryant park branch – and turned it on its side. The walls are not lined with books but the floors and ceiling are. Except that it is all an illusion, a life-size image of books printed on custom tiles. Pendant lighting does not hang from the ceiling; it sticks out from the walls.