Skydreamers - Pictures from above

Die Suche nach Außerirdischen wurde aufgegeben. Nicht, weil man welche gefunden hätte, sondern weil das Geld ausging. Schade eigentlich! Kann man alles hier nachlesen. Und dennoch gibt es spannende Bilder „von da draußen“... Interessante Ausstellung im The Autry in Los Angeles, Skydreamers, über Weltraumfotografie und Bilder der Flugfahrt.

Flight gave us perspective.

Photography made it real. When the pioneers of flight conquered the air, it was possible for the first time to look down at the Earth—to perceive its curving horizon, witness its smallness. And as new technologies made flight possible, the new medium of photography captured this remarkable journey. Skydreamers uses more than 150 primarily photographic images to chart the story of the men and women who, from the 1700s through the Space Age, made this incredible leap of faith.

the autry skydreamers
The Earth seen as a pale blue dot from Voyager 1, taken approximately 3.7 billion miles from Earth, 1990. From the collection of Stephen White.