Caution: Objects photographed in this way may look larger than they appear.

Hier kommt eine Info für diejenigen, die Ihren Urlaub noch vor sich haben: Glauben Sie nicht den Prospekten!
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oyster photo fakeouts

The official hotel photos showed off a sparking pool, lush palm trees and a stunning waterfront location, but the online review from a recent guest wasn't so pretty.

(...) All travelers have been there at one point or another, because it's hard not to fall in love with the gorgeous marketing photos that hotels use to entice guests. Who can resist swaying palm trees, pristine beaches and luxury decor?
But buyer beware: That resort advertising itself as an oasis of peace may turn out to be next to a noisy construction site. Or you may find that the beautifully appointed room in the photos is just another generic hotel space when you get there.

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