Diese Kamera lächelt so hübsch...

fotostrada ist ja jett nicht soo der Technik-Freak (ah, was Neues!), aber diese Kamera lächelt so nett... Und vergünstigt ist sie auch, und Photographers´s Gallery in London empfiehlt, sie zu kaufen. Na, dann... ;-)

fujifilm 3d camera finepix real 3d
Fujifilm Finepix W1 Real 3D

Price: WAS £879,98 - NOW £300.00

the photographers gallery london
The Fujifilm Finepix W1 Real 3D is a revolutionary 3D digital camera. Shoot 3D photos and movies and view them in 3D without 3D glasses. The W1 uses a lenticular system which makes 3D images out of layers to give an incredible image of real depth.

Images can be viewed on the 3D screen on then back of the camera, on the separate V1 3D Viewer or printed in 3D from Fujifilm’s website. Images shot in 3D can be viewed and printed in 2D without special equipment or processes.

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