Ein Objektiv fürs iPhone - Kein Witz!

„Is it a bird? Is t a plane? No, it´s Superman!“ Und wie sagt man dann zu diesem „Ungetüm“? Handy mit Objektiv? Kamera mit Telefonmöglichkeit? Nein, es ist das Telephonto-Objektiv fürs iPhone...
(Gefunden auf photojojo.com)

telephoto lens iphone

OK, let's just get this out of the way: yes this makes your phone look a little funny.

We laughed the first time we saw it too. But then we started using it at concerts on Fridays, our Little Bro's T-Ball game on Sundays, and our office rooftop on Weekdays (brag-worthy views).

Simply put, our sheepishness turned to sheer addiction (the good kind, not the itchy-skinned paranoid kind) -- and we started taking our iPhone Telephoto Lens with us everywhere.

Why? Because this little (big) lens gives our humble cell phone shots uber-telephoto powers (8x the powers to be exact). Powers we never though possible with our dinky built-in lens.

HIER kann man´s kaufen!