They celebrate Kodachrome...

„A must see“ - und sooo weit ist ja London nicht entfernt... (Noch bis 10. Februar zu sehen!)

kodachrome aop gallery london
Kodachrome, the slide-film that inspired songs, was discontinued by Kodak last year at 74 years of age.

A Celebration of Kodachrome

The AOP Gallery showcases in this exhibition A Celebration of Kodachrom a selection of captivating and evocative images all shot on Kodachrome slid.

Upon hearing Kodak’s announcement that they would no longer be renewing stocks of Kodachrome, we thought it was time to celebrate this revered film!

The show features work from AOP members and members of the public. AOP photographer member Adam Woolfitt is planning an installation of his collection of Kodachrome slides inviting visitors to take a slide. So you could walk away with your own bit of history on a Kodachrome slide!

This eclectic and seminal exhibition is a must-see, featuring the work of top photographers and lovers of film.

Kodachrome film was manufactured for 74 years in various formats to suit still and motion picture cameras, including 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, and 35mm for movies and 35mm, 120, 110, 126, 828 and large format for still photography. For many years, it was used for professional color photography, especially for images intended for publication in print media. The film was sold with processing included in the purchase price except in the United States, where a 1954 legal ruling ended that practice.