The living pictures! Lebende Bilder! Tableaux vivants!

fotostrada mag diese „verrückte“ Idee der Fotokünstlerin Sarah Small. „Tableaux Vivants“ (lebende Bilder, Darstellung von Gemälden durch Menschen, kam bereits im Barock auf) nennt sie ihre Projekte, wo „massenhaft“ Menschen Szenen nachstellen. Aber seht doch selber...

living project sarah small new york tableau vivant

In Spring 2011, 120 models with distinctive visual personalities will be assembled together as a living, breathing image.

In an event that is at once performance, party and experiment, Sarah Small ( and collaborators will once again assemble a tableau vivant of Small’s still photographic series The Delirium Constructions. Small’s ongoing photographic series brings models into improbable, close interactions to examine the social and graphic contrasts of youth and experience, hysteria and discipline, tragedy and hilarity, and sexuality and de-sexualization.