26. April 1986

In Gedenken nicht nur an die Menschen in und aus der Umgebung von Tschernobyl, sondern auch in Erinnerung an die Fotografen, die damals die ersten Bilder machten... Viele leben nicht mehr. Igor Kostin hat überlebt und erzählt.

Quelle: artdaily.org
tschernobyl 1986
In this 1986 photo, a helicopter throwing chemicals to suppress radiation approaches the 4th destroyed reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in. On May 12, 1986, more than two weeks after the explosion, the leading Soviet daily newspaper Pravda published its first photograph from the site for the first time, shot three days earlier from a helicopter by Repik. If I had been ordered now to get aboard and go, I would not have gone _ you might have easily died there for nothing, said the 65-year-old Repik. AP Photo/Volodymyr Repik.

(...) But nine days after the blast, authorities allowed Kostin and two other shooters — Valery Zufarov of TASS and Volodymyr Repik — to get terrifyingly close.

Kostin, now 74, was with a group of "liquidators," soldiers who had been pressed into service to battle the disaster.

He climbed to the roof of the building next to the exploded reactor, firing off frames to record the soldiers who were frantically shoveling debris off the ruined structure's roof.

He had to shoot fast.

"They counted the seconds for me: one, two, three ... As they said '20' I had to run down from the roof. It was the most contaminated place, with 1,500 Roentgen per hour. The deadly dose is 500 Roentgen," Kostin told The Associated Press. "Fear came later."

"It was like another dimension: ruins of the reactor, people in face masks, refugees. It all resembled war," Kostin said.

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